Antique Rice Holder - Black

Antique Rice Holder - Black

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Unveil the charm of yesteryears with our Antique Rice Holder in captivating black. Crafted with a nod to timeless elegance, this holder embodies both functionality and grace.

Imagine the allure it adds to your dining space or kitchen, its sleek black finish a striking contrast against the purity of rice grains within. The intricate patterns etched into its surface tell tales of tradition and craftsmanship, evoking a sense of nostalgia for bygone eras.

Practicality meets artistry as this holder keeps your rice fresh and easily accessible, a staple in any culinary enthusiast’s collection. Bring home a piece of history with our Antique Rice Holder, where every grain tells a story of heritage and timeless allure.

Note: All our products are handmade creation of artisans based on historic craft techniques that can be centuries old. This may mean products may have small variances in each product.  

Dimensions:  H 66cm x W 48cm

Material: Teak 

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