Our Story

55 Parrots was born from a love of nature, art, travel and culture. An artisan studio where design, curation and exclusive hand-crafted products are sourced locally and globally. Working closely with artisans to embody their ancestral craft, culture and history, we are passionate about supporting our suppliers and their families.

Our unique pieces are thoughtfully sourced from global artisans in faraway places. Discovered on our awe-inspiring travels exploring flea markets tucked away in remote corners of the world and hidden antique stores on the edges of otherworldly forests.

Each collection is curated, designed and crafted from a range of organic materials, with a strong commitment to sustainable design and the use of reclaimed wood. We believe in repurposing and reusing items. By purchasing well and purchasing once, you’re investing in a timeless classic that can get better with age and last a lifetime. 

"Steeped in natural and undeclared beauty, each piece is chosen to elevate your home, heart and soul" - Maxine Walker / Owner + Director