Tina Psarianos

Tina is a ceramic artist based in Sydney. Her ceramic practice focuses on The Vessel and more recently figurative sculptures. She has been seduced by the magic of the vessel which has borne witness to humanity’s past through epochs and across cultures and lends itself to functional , spiritual and aesthetic applications.

Using coiling techniques, her sculptural pieces evolve organically, dictated by the properties of clay and often appear to have personalities and identities all of their own.

Combining a consuming interest in the natural sciences in her professional life along with an affinity for the oriental aesthetic and antiquities, her powers of observation spill over into her world of clay. Patterns of decay and patination produced by time, nature and the elements often inform the surface treatments she employs using robust clays, oxides and glazes.

Her work is organic and imperfect with tactile properties which invite the observer to engage. Each piece is singular and beautiful and aims to survive the vagaries of time.

Tina’s pieces are used by stylists and have appeared in Belle Magazine, House and Garden and Marie Claire. She has twice exhibited at Michael Reid Clay Gallery and is looking foreword to another solo exhibition in November of 2024.