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Frida Kahlo by Holly Eva

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Unlimited print that is $149
Or professionally framed for $399 in light timber / dark timber / white or black- we will be in contact to confirm framing specifics.
The print measures 60cm x 90cm
or 90cm x 120cm when framed
Please allow 2-4 weeks for framing and delivery.
Her story:
Frida kahlos paintings often have strong elements of fantasy. I love where the imagination takes me when I paint. So when I chose to paint her portrait I assumed I was going to paint her almost fantasy like but it didn't happen.
I couldn't help but to paint her as realistic as I could because Frida to me is a very strong and serious woman that when I looked at her photograph i was captivated by her sense of what it means to be a woman a painter and a lover.
Artist - Holly Eva