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Evolution Light– Soap Dish
Evolution Light– Soap Dish
Evolution Light– Soap Dish

Evolution Light– Soap Dish

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Our Evolution Collection has been carefully sourced from Borneo, Sumatra and Central Java. The stunning petrified wood pieces are born from the explosive volcanoes in the area, which were active between 5 -15 million millions of years ago.The force of the volcano eruption was such that surrounding forests were uprooted and nearby forests were covered with burning volcanic ash.

The silica found in volcanic ash dissolves and gradually replaces the wood molecule after molecule, by minerals such as quartz, agate or marble, hence preserving the shape of the trees and even their cells. Petrified trees are sometimes found in streams, but the most beautiful pieces are found buried several metres deep. We work with local artisans on government approved mining sites to bring these individual and organic pieces of nature to your home.

Our Evolution Soap Dish designed exclusively for Haiku & Co, allowing you to connect with Mother Earth in all your daily rituals.

No two items will be exactly the same; we believe therein lies the beauty. We work by designs and endeavour to create like products however by the nature of being individually crafted by hand, and using natural materials there will be slight variations between each product and the product image on screen. We consider this a unique advantage, your piece is truly one of a kind

Light - A stunning colour palette of light earthy hues.

 Size- approx 16 x 12 x 2.5cm