55 Parrots

Casablanca Coffee Table

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140 x 70 x 42h

Made from recycled elm, this coffee table adds unique texture to any home embracing the beauty of wood. 

Features a parquetry top with a slim tapered leg.

Available within 1-2 weeks, please email us for a shipping quote or alternatively we will contact you for a quote after checkout. 


55 Parrots was born from a love of travel, inspired by the unique work of artisans around the world. The respect of our craftsmen, their culture, art and the history that has been handed down from their ancestors is essential to our brand.

We are passionate about working closely with our suppliers and their families to ensure fair trade is paid to our workers and all designs are made to a high standard. Our collection is sourced from a range of organic materials, with a strong commitment to sustainable design and the use of reclaimed wood.

Maxine Walker, a local to the coal coast, developed a great respect for artisan handcrafted objects through her travels. It is through this love- a carefully curated range of objects that are ethical and accessible have been created as 55 Parrots.

We hope you enjoy the wonderful journey 55 Parrots has to offer, from the hand of the artisan to your very own home.