55 Parrots

Ash Candle

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When Ash Candles Sydney launched its first candle in early 2015 Gemma and Lisa were excited about creating a luxury brand for you to enjoy. They wanted to take their customers on a scentery journey, through Morocco, Paris or Tahiti and awaken thoughts and memories of happiness through different blends of spicy, floral, botanical, fruity, oriental and woody notes in the sanctuary of your own home.

They only the finest fragrances, cotton wicks and soy blend wax. We have had loads of fun mixing and extracting scents to design exotic blends for you to enjoy.

The unique 350g Glass vessels have been designed to be reused as a luxury cocktail class , and breaky or dessert glass, and have an 80 hour burn time

Measures 13cm x 10.5cm

55 Parrots was born from a love of travel, inspired by the unique work of artisans around the world. The respect of our craftsmen, their culture, art and the history that has been handed down from their ancestors is essential to our brand.

We are passionate about working closely with our suppliers and their families to ensure fair trade is paid to our workers and all designs are made to a high standard. Our collection is sourced from a range of organic sustainable materials, with a strong commitment to sustainable design and the use of reclaimed wood.

Visit our boutique store on Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Coledale or our warehouse showroom at the Historic Molloy Timber Mill 2-6 Molloy St Bulli, or browse online to access an eclectic collection of homewares, antique architectural pieces and artwork that will allow you to express yourself uniquely.

We value customer service not only in store but online and we hope you enjoy the wonderful journey 55 Parrots has to offer, from the hand of the artisan to your very own home.





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